Dear PowerArchiver Users,

PowerArchiver 2021 has been released for a few months already. Since then, with the help of our dedicated users, we have made significant updates to it with various fixes and optimizations.
In this article, please find a quick list of the improvements and additional features found in PowerArchiver 2021 as well as quick video showcasing some of them:

New Tabbed Internal Editor/Viewer features

  • Internal tabbed editor for text files – edit and save text files inside archives(tab) with syntax highlighting for over 40 languages.
  • Internal tabbed viewer for PDF, Images, Hex, RTF – View PDF, Image, Hex and RTF files in the internal viewer and automatically opened in additional tab. Extensions fully configurable in the Configuration menu.
  • New PowerArchiver Cloud features

  • PowerArchiver Cloud is now fully integrated into panel view inside the PowerArchiver application for more convenient file management.
  • We have improved our caching system for cloud, so when you have >100,000 of files there, you will be able to browse them much, much faster.
  • Significantly improved download/upload speeds when using cloud.
  • Improved support for Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive (v3 API), Box – Cloud support for Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, has been updated and improved.
  • New support for Hidrive, Yandex Disk– PowerArchiver Cloud will support Hidrive and Yandex Disk in PowerArchiver 2021.
  • Support for Downloading/Uploading folders– PowerArchiver can download/upload full folders now.
  • Drag and Drop support– Drag and Drop your files/folders from the cloud directly into opened archives or hard drive.

  • Many other improvements

  • Acrylic background support for Modern Windows 10 skin – caption, status bar and app bar on the side now support customizable acrylic option, that makes PA 2021 look great!
  • Add encryption to existing ZIP/7z/PA archives – This option will Encrypt Zip/7z/PA archives directly, without creating a new archive.
  • Remove Archive Encryption for ZIP/7z/PA archives– This option will remove encryption from Zip/7z/PA archives directly.
  • Optimize ZIP/7z/PA archives– PowerArchiver 2021 will optimize your archive for better compression. The same archive will be optimized without an additional archive created.
  • Optimized shell extensions – Shell extensions have been moved into separate dll’s, to improve stability.
  • Redesigned tile in PowerArchiver applications with Acrylic support– redesigned tile to look better in Backup, Burner, Encryption Suite and Virtual Drive. It is fully configurable in the Configuration menu where it can be turned on/off and the alpha transparency can be adjusted.
  • Favorites Filter/Search– favorites menu has been improved is now faster and includes filters when searching for your favorite archives

  • PowerArchiver 2021, with the Advanced Codec Pack (.PA), is available for download at our download page. Thanks for your help and support in making it the best version of PowerArchiver yet!

    We are continuously monitoring feedback from PowerArchiver users, please join us in discussing PowerArchiver 2021 and more on our forum. Thank you for your support since 1998!