History of Changes in PowerArchiver

Version 11.50 [July/2009] PowerArchiver 2010

New Features:

Brand new ZIP Engine

  • Multicore deflate zip engine, almost 4x faster than single core systems on quad core computers.
  • Improved speed of zip compression and extraction on any occassion.
  • Support for LZMA, PPMd, BZIP2 and WAVPACK in ZIP, according to latest ZIP standards. Both write and read support, making PowerArchiver only application that supports Winzip 12 and earlier files, while providing faster and stronger compression (up to 4x) compared to WinZip 12.
  • Full support for new .zipx extension for advanced compression methods.
  • Multicore LZMA engine for ZIP.
  • Support for Unicode in ZIP, both read and write. Implemented throughout application.
  • Faster loading of archives with thousands of files.

Windows 7

  • Full Windows 7 support with jump lists, taskbar progress and taskbar icon overlays. First archiver to do so.
  • First application with new DirectSkin 6.0 engine that supports Windows 7 (32bit).

PA Shell Extensions 2.0

  • Added Extract MRU shell extensions.
  • Added Compress to MRU zip shell extensions.
  • Added FTP profiles in shell extensions, ftp directly to selected account via shell.

Backup Improvements

  • Moved backup to standalone application for easier handling, faster load times.
  • You can add multiple folders in backup filelist.
  • Considerably faster zip backup when handling 10,000+ files.
  • Better info on files/folders in file list (number/size).
  • Fixed major issue with 7-Zip backups and larger number of files.


  • RAR optimizations – up to 20% faster RAR extraction than before, including WinRar. Faster unrar engine on the market.
  • Faster compression – “Preparing compression” stage up to 10x faster both in main PA and PA Backup for all compression formats.
  • Interface improvements in Modern interface – faster and better looking.
  • Interface improvements in Classic interface – more MRU’s, more usable.
  • New Add window in main Powerarchiver, most usable options are now shown on first screen.
  • You can now select multiple folders in all folder selection windows (backup, tools, etc).
  • Optimized 7-Zip’s Optimized compression – Ultra and Max feature stronger compression now.
  • Added New Folder and Network buttons in Add window, improved look of other icons.
  • Unicode support for other formats that support unicode in rest of PowerArchiver interfaces.
  • Added method property in file list and properties window.
  • Better support for Enterprise installations.
  • Many smaller improvements in Burner and FTP applications.
  • Other smaller improvements throughout the rest of application.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #1000: No caption in burner taskbar under special conditions.
  • Fixed Bug #987 : Doubleclick on file sometimes uses 100% cpu if preview is on.
  • Fixed Bug #303 : Support for multiple selection in burner.
  • Fixed Bug #958 : D&D inside of folder in archive does not save path properly.
  • Fixed Bug #997 : Cant align toolbar properly when some windows are on (Preview, etc).
  • Fixed Bug #969 : Various burner options shown in shell/starter even if Standard.
  • Fixed Bug #970 : CRC error when not enough space on disk (rar).
  • Fixed Bug #703 : Cancelling extraction of large files takes long time.

Version 11.02 [November/2008]


  • Various translation improvements for all translations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #894: Newer than date issue in backup.
  • Fixed Bug #892: View style options not 3d when checked.
  • Fixed Bug #890: Optimize for office does not show in x64 shell.
  • Fixed Bug #889: Specific SFX not recognized in x64 shell.
  • Fixed Bug #882: Cancel in encrypted RAR archive issue.
  • Fixed Bug #888: Issue with ZIP comments.
  • Fixed Bug #883: Image Grabber/Burner/Erase do not work.
  • Fixed Bug #886: Extracting specific folders from inside rar archives.
  • Fixed Bug #896: Wrong hint shown in encrypt tool.
  • Fixed Bug #843: Status/progress issue in FTP when we max/min window.

Version 11.01 [October/2008]


  • Added overwrite option for backup.
  • Backup done message now goes away after 10 minutes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug #872: Issue with creating password protected 7-zip archives.
  • Fixed Bug #873: Issue with opening specific multivolume rar files.
  • Fixed Bug #870: Spanned zips on removable drive cannot be extracted.
  • Fixed Bug #871: Updated files not shown in preview.
  • Fixed Bug #867: Newer than filter in backup does not work properly.
  • Fixed Bug #868: Startup folder always stays default.
  • Fixed Bug #874: Emailing backup logs in PA Standard issue.

Version 11.00 Final [September/2008]

Standard Edition

Main Application:

  • Preview window – easily preview archives, images, text and many other file types,
    without having to open archive or file. Works both while browsing drives and inside archives. Supports Plug-ins.
  • Backup list window – see your backups on integrated list for easier usage.
  • Speed – overall great speed improvements in compression and extraction, especially in Vista with RAR/ZIP files.
  • New ZIP Engine – zip can now compress files in use; proper progress window.
  • Improved 7-Zip Engine – support for fast updating of non-solid archives, themed overwrite dialogue with proper options.
  • Unicode support – better support for Unicode in 7-zip and RAR formats.
  • New Configuration window – easier to use configuration window.
  • Modern/Classic interfaces – streamlined for easier use, more MRU’s.
  • Archive Convertor – added “save password for current session” option.
  • Encrypt Tool – completely redone – now option to create zip and 7zip encrypted archives,
    as well as encrypt current archives to 3 different formats (zip, 7-zip, pae).
  • Batch Archive tool – added “Add subfolders to separate archives” option.
  • Multi Extract tool – added “File’s current folder” and “Save password for current session” options.
  • Add window – redone for easier usage and more options added.
  • Transparent Updating – added support for updating solid cab archives.
  • Web Update – now checks for PAOP updates as well as any other PA component.
  • Installer – future updates can now come in form of patches.
  • 64bit skinning engine for x64 systems.
  • Enterprise features – add minimum encryption strenght, disable online features and more.


  • Interface – completely new interface with sidebar navigation.
  • File list support – export/import file lists.
  • Filters – added include and exclude filters at the same time.
  • Backup Types – added full/incremental/differential backup types.

Shell Extensions:

  • Unicode – completely rewritten for Unicode support.
  • Reorganized – more features, more options, less clutter.

Improvements/Bug Fixes:

  • Many improvements and bug fixes.

Pro Edition

Main Application:

  • CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burner (PRO) – burn archives, images and any files directly from PowerArchiver (PRO) or shell extensions. Verify burned files.
  • Disc Grabber (PRO) – Copy CD/DVD/BD to .ISO disc images.
  • Create ISO (PRO) – create .ISO files in PowerArchiver, either by ripping the CD/DVD/BD or directly from disk.
  • Virtual Drive (PRO) – mount .ISO files in Virtual Drive.
  • FTP Client (PRO) – download and upload files directly from PowerArchiver via FTP.


  • 7-zip compression (PRO) – added 7-zip compression option to Backup.
  • Multiple destinations (PRO) – up to 3 local/network backup destinations (plus CD/DVD/BD and FTP).
  • Burn to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray (PRO) – added burner option to Backup.
  • Scheduling (PRO) – create/edit Windows Schedules from within backup and PowerArchiver.
  • Logs (PRO) – added logging capability with email support.

Version 10.22 [January/2008]


  • Improved storing of empty folders in TAR, LHA, BH formats.
  • Small interface changes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug #79: Classic mode is now Screen Reader compatible.
  • Fixed Bug #107: Open with .exe inside archive issue.
  • Fixed Bug #135: .ppf and .psf associations are not working.
  • Fixed Bug #146: convert does not save empty tar folders.
  • Fixed Bug #94: Focus window issues.
  • Fixed Bug #117: Displaying files with certain characters (TAR).
  • Fixed Bug #151: Empty folders not shown in file list for certain formats.
  • Fixed Bug #143: Compress shell Profiles not showing proper changes.
  • Fixed Bug #151: Empty folders not shown in file list for certain formats.
  • Minor other fixes and improvements.

Version 10.21 [November/2007]


  • Improved speed of loading and closing in modern interface.
  • Updated SFTP engine for better performance.
  • Added snap-to/default action mouse support.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug #56: Modern toolbar shows empty buttons.
  • Fixed Bug #55: Skins can be enabled for Modern via configuration.
  • Fixed Bug #67: Plugins do not work properly.
  • Fixed Bug #60: Issues with TAR+99 characters.
  • Fixed Bug #64: Strange FTP progress bar behavior.
  • Fixed Bug #66: Updating ZIP PAE file shows zip encryption error.
  • Fixed Bug #58: SFTP does not work with files over 100 MB.
  • Fixed Bug #57: Improved installation of GDI+ on Win98/NT.
  • Fixed Bug #68: Always use queue did not always ask for overwrite.
  • Fixed Bug #69: Freeze if extracting file. when same name exists as folder
  • Fixed Bug #70: QAT position does not get saved.
  • Minor other fixes and improvements.

Version 10.20 [October/2007]


  • Completly new Modern Interface, reworked to look better and more like Office 2007 interface.
  • Tiny toolbar option, with minimal space usage.
  • Hide toolbar completly option.
  • QAT completly customizable, add any button to QAT.
  • Support for Vista Aero transparency in Modern toolbar.
  • Support for creating TAR archives with long filenames (GNU standard)
  • Other minor improvements.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Bug #43: Double-click to extract أ± taskbar shows 0%
  • Fixed Bug #47: Canأ­t update .doc file inside PAE
  • Fixed Bug #50: incorrect date when extracting from specific tar.gz archive.
  • Fixed Bug: #51: Progress bar doesnأ­t show if file is unknown file type
  • Fixed Bug: Adding file and folder via drag and drop.
  • Fixed Bug: Testing results letters cut off.
  • Minor other fixes and improvements

Version 10.10 [May 24, 2007]

  • Added first configuration screen for interface selection
  • Added PA Starter option in Configuration
  • Changed Configuration interface to tabbed interface for better look and feel for older systems
  • Updated 7-zip engine to latest version
  • Updated Unrar engine to latest version
  • Updated Direct Skin engine to latest version
  • Other minor improvements

Version 10.01 [March 14, 2007]

  • Improved Windows Vista support
  • Fixed issue with Windows XP
  • Improved language selection for translations
  • Improved LZH engine
  • Improved UNRAR engine
  • Various minor improvements and changes

PowerArchiver 2007 – Version 10.0 [February 26, 2007]

Major Changes:

  • Completely new “Modern” Interface
  • Queue System (Add/Extract/Backup)
  • PowerArchiver Starter – system tray application
  • Support for transparent updating 7-Zip archives
  • New Plug-in System – Total Commander Compatible
  • Hybrid Shell Extensions
  • 7-Zip SFX creation support
  • True Multilanguage Edition
  • Portions re-written in assembler like language
  • Optimized speed, size and memory usage


  • Improved Graphics and User Experience
  • Improved Updating System
  • Improved Progress Bar with Pause
  • Enhanced Explorer View support
  • Various minor updates and changes

Version 9.64 [December 11, 2006]

  • Added full support for Windows Vista
  • Skin Engine now supports Windows Vista

Version 9.63 [July 30, 2006]

  • Now compatible with Windows Vista build 5472
  • Updated 7-ZIP engine
  • Updated ZIP engine
  • Security issue fixed with zip engine
  • Small fixes and improvements

Version 9.62 [May 2, 2006]

  • Improved cancel in 7-Zip compress/extract
  • Enabled multithreading mode for 7-Zip compression
  • Added progress % to the progress bar caption and taskbar
  • Several small improvements and fixes

Version 9.61 [Apr 19, 2006]

  • Updated 7-Zip engine
  • Updated UnAce engine
  • Improvements to 7-Zip support
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Version 9.6 [Apr 6, 2006]

  • New DirectSkin skin engine for WindowBlinds skin compatibility
  • Improved 7-Zip engine with faster and better compression
  • Faster 7-Zip compression when compressing thousands of files
  • Added support for opening 7-Zip archives with Unicode filename
  • Added support for default shell extension profiles
  • Improved shell extensions for Windows XP x64 Edition
  • Added automatic alpha blending for the toolbar
  • Optimize OpenOffice.org 2 files shell extension added
  • Design improvements for several windows
  • Fixed several smaller issues

Version 9.51 [Nov 29, 2005]

  • ‘Make Large ZIP File’ option is now selected by default, in order to make it simpler for users
  • Faster and smarter 7-Zip engine implemented for speed improvements
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

PowerArchiver 2006 – Version 9.50 [Oct 24, 2005]

Major Changes:

  • ISO reading/extracting support for formats: ISO, BIN, IMG and NRG
  • Support for creating PAE SFX archives
  • Updated PAE format with hiding filenames option
  • Improved 7-ZIP support:
    • Added support for AES encrypted 7z archives
    • Added support for reading 7z multivolume archives
    • Added support for creating 7z multivolume archives
    • Added support for 7-Zip PPMd compression
    • New DLL with improved compression methods
    • Significantly faster compression with 7-Zip in some cases
  • Full skinning support via PSF files – includes interface skins, toolbar skins, icons and customizable application settings
  • SFTP (SSH FTP) support for secure FTP transfers
  • Cool alert window in system tray
  • Support for renaming files in BH, LHA and TAR archives
  • Improved default toolbar skin (alpha-blended PNG)
  • Improved security throughout application
  • Hints implemented throughout the application


  • Faster directory loading in archives – Explorer View Mode
  • Drag & Drop on empty PowerArchiver window
  • Faster Favorites window
  • Explore view mode improvements: Column shading, color for highlighting archives, general pop-up menu
  • Various other speed improvements
  • Support for RAR comments

Bug Fixes:

  • Extracting Japanese ZIP archives
  • Various other fixes