Dear PowerArchiver users,

We are releasing new update today – version 17.01.04, with some fixes and improvements. We have improved compatibility with Windows XP and 32-bit Windows OS’s. Dropbox support was also updated. Compression for large data sets has been improved. For more info, check full notes below.

Release Notes – PowerArchiver – Version 17.01.04


  • [PA-1096] – Enable sorting by extensions, better compression.
  • [PA-1100] – Remove password policy requirements when creating a PGP archive
  • [PA-1132] – Add .mzz to the same steps as MSI (better compression)
  • [PA-1133] – Add rll files to exe steps (better compression)
  • [PA-1138] – Show only one password input field when creating a PGP archive and decrypting a PGP archive
  • [PA-1160] – Do not show update prompt if uses drag and drops files to archive (from main window)
  • [PA-1173] – Add pa format under All Archives drop down in Add Window
  • [PA-1174] – Add new 1t solid switch for max, ultra and extreme modes (better compression)
  • [PA-1176] – Small changes for English translation
  • [PA-1177] – Improve exe/dll compression with plzma:a0 setting for c_adr output (better compression)
  • [PA-1180] – Add 1p4 extension to the exe/dll step (better compression)


  • [PA-1120] – Remove POWERARC-PACKMP3.EXE from installer (not used)
  • [PA-1127] – Update Simplified Chinese translation (zh-CN)
  • [PA-1137] – Change default update ring to slow ring (first installs, reset to default).
  • [PA-1169] – Implement latest advanced codec pack engine (future backwards compatibility)
  • [PA-1175] – Remove extra japanese shell translation


  • [PA-742] – PAES Standalone: Open PGP Keys tool does not refresh when clicking back arrow
  • [PA-1098] – Deleting PGP keys in PGP manager does not work properly
  • [PA-1116] – Backup: Cloud account not showing in final screen
  • [PA-1123] – Changing highlight archives color, config window loses focus, shows always white in config even if selected color works properly.
  • [PA-1128] – Enterprise: disabled features still show under new> button
  • [PA-1136] – Small spelling fix in incorrect registration codes dialog
  • [PA-1156] – Change configure clouds shortcut to o
  • [PA-1163] – Zip crc error on 32bit OS
  • [PA-1168] – Compression of MP3 files not showing correct memory usage calculation
  • [PA-1181] – PA shows AV error when extracting and compressing PA format via shell in Windows XP
  • [PA-1189] – PowerArchiver Burner translation not showing properly for fr-FR
  • [PA-1190] – Onedrive login issues as of 2/10/17

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Award system for our most dedicated users

With the launch of PowerArchiver 2017, we have a more formal reward system for users that help us in detecting bugs and suggesting improvements. While previously we have given free licenses to our forum users (in 2013 everyone with more than a few posts received a free license, alpha testers always have updated licenses, etc), now there is a more formal system in place which means that everyone who reports bugs will receive a free license or a free Select maintenance plan after a few reports (depending on severity). Check it out on our forums.

PowerArchiver 2017 with Advanced Codec Pack (.PA) is now available from our download page. For more detailed info on specific features, please check other posts in our blog. We hope you will love PA 2017 as much as we do. Thank you for your support since 1998!