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Originally Posted by spwolf View Post
so Micke... what else do you want improved/fixed in 6.02?
Well, in this thread PACOMP doesn't behave like the others when using the 6.02 unregistred version, because there's no remainder to register the program. So if you could fix the small thing with PACOMP in 6.02 that would be great.

From what I have read, you want one wish in each thread to keep tracking of them. When I use PACL I have these things I would like to be fixed/improved in priority

1) Remove many files from one archive in one command. This is something I would appreciate a lot and I have also describe why this is a problem with no support for it in this thread. I have tested in 6.02 but it's not working properly yet.

2) Support for creating SFX archives using PACL. Today I'm dependent on PA to create SFX archive, but it would be great if I could create it directly when using PACL and also add a predefined path of where the archive is to be extracted to when the user open it. This has been discussed in this thread and in this thread to.

3) Support for \\machinename\sharename when creating archives. Discussed in this thread and tested for 6.02 here.

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