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PowerArchiver 2016 giveaway: suggest new tutorial and win PA 2016 Pro!

May 10th, 2016 | Category: blogs


Dear users,

Thank you for all of your support during PowerArchiver 2016 launch. For the next week we are running giveaway for a copy of PowerArchiver 2016 Pro. All you need to do is suggest a new Tutorial for PowerArchiver 2016. Best suggestion wins a license for PowerArchiver 2016 Pro! Just suggest what you think deserves better explanation in the form of tutorial, and it might win you a copy of the latest PowerArchiver Pro. Thank you for participating!

Example video – PowerArchiver 2016 new skins:

Example video – PowerArchiver 2016 how to register:

  • etm2016

    The traditional video with sound is not interesting. I suggest animated slideshow with soft music and inserted text in an animated manner to explain what will be done.
    First take screen shots of the program including all its features , uses, activation, menu tools, then arrange these in slides with text explaining what will you see in the next slides
    Lastly make these slide as an animated slide show wit the text and may be some explanations and background soft music

  • mohamadali fardin

    thanks a lot for this giveaway

  • Makise_Kurisu

    I hope to increase the compression speed by using OPENCL

    I want to add a compression Wizard

    I want to add a more powerful password manager

    I would like to set up a default password option
    Then can be more rapid compression encryption compression package

  • Makise_Kurisu

    Sorry I made a mistake.
    I think that is the advice about the new features.
    If you want to do a tutorial .
    Compared with PA 2015 .

    PA2016 can be directly in the Explorer Preview and decompression of the function is too much to help.

    You can give a tutorial about this feature.

    You can also give a tutorial on how to buy PA 2016.