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PowerArchiver 2015 15.01.05 released!

March 31st, 2015 | Category: Development

Dear users, we are pleased to release the latest version of PowerArchiver 2015 – 15.01.05. It contains many small improvements and changes after your feedback since last release in January 2015..


Here is the list of changes:

  • Improved Installer – Pin to Taskbar option can now be deselected if needed.

  • Improved progress in Backup – Added better progress while copying completed backup from temp to another drive.

  • Improved SFX support – Improved detection and extraction of several different types of SFX archives.

  • Improved task scheduler – Improved task scheduler in Backup.

  • Improved filters – Improved filters in Backup.

  • Added AttachmentCloud beta – Added AttachmentCloud beta service to PA Cloud Browser.

  • Extended Secure FTP timeout – Extended ftp timeout options.

  • Delete your settings on Cloud – You can now delete your stored settings on Cloud.

  • Over 50 various different improvements and issues fixed – Various small improvements in all applications and various fixes for reported issues.

You can download PowerArchiver 2015 15.01.05 from our download page or via Patchbeam.

  • William Wendland

    I’ve never been more pleased with a software creator then I am with ConeXware . they have continued to support, and update their software for many years. Unlike others who just drop the support, and force you to purchase new versions early on. They have also been supportive of issues in the past, and quickly resolved. I recommend PowerArchiver.

  • DrazenDodig

    Thank you William… 17 years in the making and still going strong, thanks to you and all of our users!

  • Asbjørn

    Please just get rid of the pin to taskbar option. Installers should not pin to the taskbar, that is only for users to do! It is extremely arrogant of you to presume that I want PowerArchiver pinned to the taskbar – and to do it every single time I update PowerArchiver. Why would I want PowerArchiver pinned anyway – it opens when I open a compressed file and is integrated in Windows Explorer?

  • DrazenDodig

    Sorry about any inconvenience. You can now correctly deselect that option if it annoys you.

  • Tye Lucas

    WIlliam said is perfectly… Powerarchiver is the ONLY third party software I still use from my XP Days… that is saying a lot. I have been with them from XP to Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and I am now typing this from Windows 10…I’ve never had a single issue with their software. Thank you ConeXware you are the best!