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PowerArchiver 2013 Beta 4 released!

July 18th, 2013 | Category: Development

Dear users, here is the BETA 4 of PowerArchiver 2013.

For this 14.00.20 release, we worked on improving cloud support, adding new translations (updated: Polish, Croatian, Spanish, Danish and Hebrew), and fixing few other reported issues.

Here is the list of major changes in 2013:

PowerArchiver 2013 - New Interface PowerArchiver 2013 Changes:

  • Full OpenPGP support via Encryption Suite – Full support for OpenPGP format. From encrypting/decrypting files to creating/importing/exporting OpenPGP keys. PowerArchiver can encrypt any archive with OpenPGP format and then Add/Delete/Edit files inside transparently, without need to go through several steps as with competing products..

  • PowerArchiver Cloud – PowerArchiver Cloud can Download/Upload/Add files/archives from following business/SOHO cloud services: Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure; consumer level cloud services like: Dropbox, Google Drive,, Microsoft SkyDrive as well as our own experimental AttachmentCloud service..

  • More Advanced Modern/Ribbon Interface – New Windows 8/Office 2013 inspired skin makes PowerArchiver interface look stunning, while making it easier to use. Truly best of both worlds. Classic toolbar option still remains, now with improved loading speed.

  • RAR 5 format support – PowerArchiver can open and extract RAR 5.x files. Of course, you can even create/edit them if you configure rar.exe to be used within PowerArchiver!

  • Significantly Faster ZIP engine – Our advanced multi-core ZIP/ZIPX engine has been optimized for maximum speed, now up to 30-50% faster than WinZip’s multi-core engine (and much much faster than SecureZIP’s and WinRAR’s ZIP engines), while providing similar compressing strength.

  • Power saving mode for ZIP engine – ZIP/ZIPX engine has been optimized to spend less CPU power when your laptop is in power saving mode. PowerArchiver will take up significantly less CPU when you have power saving mode, while still being quicker than competition, thus saving your battery while you are on the road.

You can download PowerArchiver 2013 14.00.20 BETA 4 from our download page.

  • Alexander Gieg


    When I try to add my Google Drive to the cloud list, PowerArchiver allows me to enter my e-mail and password, then enter the two factor authentication, then it presents me Google’s “Accept” and “Cancel” buttons for either allowing or denying access to my Drive files. I click “Accept”, the button becomes unclickable, and then one on my cores goes to 100% and stays there, the window locked and unresponsive.

    The only way for me to then close it is then to go into Task Manager and manually kill the “PowerArchiver Cloud 2013 (32 bits)” process and its subprocess(es).

    This problem was present in beta 3 and remains in beta 4.

    All the other cloud providers work though. But the Dropbox one is quite slow at showing the file list. It really takes a long time, more than 3 minutes.

    I hope this bug report helps!

  • DrazenDodig

    Hello, it is best to email… that way we can ask you more questions :-). All these work fine on our computers, Beta 4 has improved speeds, so please email support so we can get more detailed info from you… thanks!

  • Chris Bleszinski

    This will no longer be relevant, but you forgot to categorize this topic. :)