New 7-zip SFX

New 7-zip SFX

While we were finishing up 11.61 release, which was quite important, we got reported issue with our 7-zip SFX. It turns out it was quite (terrifying) slow when you have many files in it (reported issue was with 80,000 files). So as soon as 11.61 was out, we turned into fixing and improving that SFX.

New and updated version has instant startup, better progress and extraction times that are similar as in PowerArchiver. If you are using our 7zip sfx to distribute files to your users, it would be much advised if you get the updated version.

Here is the updated release:

To install it, you need to download it, remove “-new” from the filename, and copy it to your PowerArchiverSfxs folder.

Thanks for being so great and happy holidays!