So Win7 has been out for « a while now » (I guess few weeks seems a lot these days) and we have been all over it to see what can we do to make PA integrate better with it. After few weeks of work and sorting out some bugs, we are done and Win7 will be there in new release of PA…

What features made it in?

  1. Jump lists with burner/virtual drive, 5 backup MRU’s and 5 archiver MRU’s, as well as an easy way to create new archive and backup.
  2. Progress bar in taskbar (looks quite good too)
  3. Overlays for different actions in the taskbar (different icons in taskbar when backup/compress/extract, etc)
  4. Unique icons for Burner and Backup so you can add them to the taskbar as well.

Take an look at video to see how it looks like in real life, and find some suprises inside as well. But shhhh, dont spread them around.
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