Welcome to ConeXware’s officially unofical blogs. Some of you know that we have been around for a long time now – PowerArchiver itself started development in 1998 and it was publicly released in 1999. 11 years is long, long time on internet. Some of you also know how much we update and maintain PowerArchiver – quick look shows that we release around 6 updates every year, one of which is major update and thats without counting any beta’s!

So why have these me-too blogs? Because we want:

  • You to know whats going on behind the closed doors of our offices when we work on new versions that are not going to be released so soon.
  • To explain some features in detail, which we cant do in our news posts where we have to fit 12-16 months of work into one page article.
  • Share some of the passion we have for developing PowerArchiver.
  • And most importantly – get more ideas and feedback from you, because you are ones that made PowerArchiver and ConeXware, Inc possible. You are ones that are pushing us to work on it day after day, week after week… for 11 years now.

So welcome to these officially unofficial blogs about ConeXware, PowerArchiver, and everything else in between. Offical name for the blog is « We love You », its corny, I know but what can we do?!  Enjoy!