Dear users,

In PowerArchiver 2016 we wanted to make our classic toolbar interface more modern, to bring it out from Windows 95 roots into the modern world. At the same time we still wanted to keep it working in classic way that people can easily understand and use right away even if they never used PowerArchiver before. So what did we do to Classic toolbar interface that you all love to use? Read on!

  • New skins for Classic – Now skins are applicable to classic interface as well! Previously they only worked with Modern interface, leaving classic in the dust. Beautiful dark skin is available with fully skinned every part of application. Additionally any Modern skin can be changed to Classic toolbar under View> Toolbar options, thus giving you a lot of options for how the PowerArchiver should look like.
  • Fast mode – We added Classic simple skin that uses no skins at all to make it as fast as possible for old computers that start PA 2016 slow. This will speed it up! You can set this under View> Select Skin> Classic Simple.
  • New icons and old icons as options – We added new icons that look great! But also kept old school icons for everyone who doesn’t like Windows 10 look icons. You can change this in View> Skin Options.
  • Added icons to menus – small icons are added to the menus.
  • Touch Mode – Classic interface has a touch mode! If you are using one of those small tablets or one of those laptops with high resolutions, you know how hard it is sometimes to hit correct option in Windows desktop apps. Now we made it much simpler with addition of Touch mode which expands area around options so they are easy to touch. You can set this in View> Touch mode.
  • Automatic scaling support for large dpi Windows (2K/4K displays) – We have added automatic scaling support depending on your display. It adjusts with your dpi setting in Windows, makes everything look perfect. All icons are natively drawn for their size!
  • Adjustable icon sizes – You can manually set icon sizes in all windows/menus/toolbars. Choose from small, normal and large sizes (32px/48px/64px)! You can select this in View> Toolbar options> Icon size.
  • Adjustable Aero support – in Windows 10, you might want Aero look but maybe in Windows 7 or XP you want fully drawn window without old school borders? You can pick that in View> Toolbar Options!.

PowerArchiver 2016 is available from December 15th 2015, and is already available to valid PowerArchiver Select subscribers.

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h51m20s_001_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h51m58s_002_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h52m40s_005_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h53m16s_006_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h53m56s_007_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h54m15s_008_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h54m45s_009_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h55m09s_010_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h55m39s_011_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h56m06s_012_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h58m06s_013_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h58m28s_014_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox

Ashampoo_Snap_2015.12.09_15h58m57s_015_PowerArchiver 2016 Toolbox