PA 2010 Beta 1 Preview has been out for almost an week, and we are very happy with excellent response from Pro owners who installed it and use it over last week.

In fact, we got so much positive feedback as well as really good bug reports that we will consider doing this for all future betas.


Let me share with you my favourite comment from Jeromy S.:

I have to commend you and your team for such an excellent product – your PA Professional product costs 1/10 of the price of Nero, Alchohol 120% and WinZip combined and supplants almost all of their respective functionalities, and in most cases exceeds them.  Combined with native support for all the different formats versus “shelling out” that your main competitor performs to, for example, an LHA archive, and you have a hands down winning product.  PA is one of my most prized possessions.

thank you Jeromy and thanks to all of our Pro users who sent us email and bug reports over past week… Official Beta 1 is coming very soon!