Dear users, here is the final release of PowerArchiver 2013 14.00.

After few months of beta testing, we have reached the final version..

Here is the list of major changes in 2013:

PowerArchiver 2013 - New Interface

PowerArchiver 2013 Changes:

  • Full OpenPGP support via Encryption Suite – Full support for OpenPGP format. From encrypting/decrypting files to creating/importing/exporting OpenPGP keys. PowerArchiver can encrypt any archive with OpenPGP format and then Add/Delete/Edit files inside transparently, without need to go through several steps as with competing products.

  • Encryption Suite – Brand new Encryption Suite – application designed to make process of Encrypting and Decrypting your files easier. You can use 4 different formats – ZIP/ZIPX, OpenPGP, PAE and 7-zip, all with AES 256 bit encryption. FIPS 140-2 certified for use in U.S. Government. Encryption Suite is designed to support encrypting/decrypting hundreds of files at the same time. Full support for all of PowerArchiver security features such as Password Manager, Password Policies and Password Profiles.

  • PowerArchiver Cloud – PowerArchiver Cloud can Download/Upload/Add files/archives from following business/SOHO cloud services: Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure; consumer level cloud services like: Dropbox, Google Drive,, Microsoft SkyDrive as well as our own experimental AttachmentCloud service.

  • More Advanced Modern/Ribbon Interface – New Windows 8/Office 2013 inspired skin makes PowerArchiver interface look stunning, while making it easier to use. Truly best of both worlds. Classic toolbar option still remains, now with improved loading speed.

  • RAR 5 format support – PowerArchiver can open and extract RAR 5.x files. Of course, you can even create/edit them if you configure rar.exe to be used within PowerArchiver!

  • Significantly Faster ZIP engine – Our advanced multi-core ZIP/ZIPX engine has been optimized for maximum speed, now up to 30-50% faster than WinZip’s multi-core engine (and much much faster than SecureZIP’s and WinRAR’s ZIP engines), while providing similar compressing strength.

  • Power saving mode for ZIP engine – ZIP/ZIPX engine has been optimized to spend less CPU power when your laptop is in power saving mode. PowerArchiver will take up significantly less CPU when you have power saving mode, while still being quicker than competition, thus saving your battery while you are on the road.

  • Special skin for Remote Desktop – Simplified white color skin for Remote Desktop/VNC usage. Enables faster redrawing for slower connections to RDP.

  • Improved handling of various formats – Improved support for NSIS, PA SFX’s, ZIP.001 archives, tar archives and more.

  • Faster SFTP speeds – Improved SFTP speeds for both download and upload.

  • Easier registration system with PowerArchiver Select – Implemented better registration system, integrated with PowerArchiver Select. It automatically updates your codes for major versions as long as PowerArchiver Select is active.

  • Hundreds of other Improvements – Overall, over 300 various changes/improvements/fixes implemented.

You can download PowerArchiver 2013 14.00.32 from our download page or via Patchbeam from PowerArchiver.