Dear PowerArchiver Users,

On the road to final release of PowerArchiver 2019, we are pleased to announce PowerArchiver 2019 – 19.00.48 – RC2.


  • Updated translations – Updated French, German and Spanish translations.
  • Better filtering for filenames – add more filename/path filtering on all formats, includes better support for filtering characters not supported under Windows.
  • Shell Improvements – compression in shell starts at low priority for greater system responsiveness.
  • Better format support – Added support for extraction of SFX and gzip archives that were previously not supported.
  • .PA format improvements– Improvements when extracting of specific data compressed with rep filter.

PowerArchiver 2019 is the smartest release of PowerArchiver ever. New Modern Windows 10 interface uses simplified ribbon to look great, with three all new skins – don’t like the Windows 10 interface? You may still use the Classic and Windows Ribbon interfaces. SmartAI will optimize your compression, save your power, change to dark mode when necessary, enable FIPS mode system wide, enable you to work conveniently with touch screens. We made PowerArchiver ZIP compression faster. PowerArchiver Mini is back and lets you use the full power of PowerArchiver within the Windows Explorer Preview window. The Advanced Codec Pack – .pa format has been fine tuned for the best compression and speed on the market! For a list of additional changes in the new PowerArchiver 2019, please check out PowerArchiver 2019 Introduction.

PowerArchiver 2019 , with the Advanced Codec Pack (.PA), is now available for download at our download page as well as Patchbeam for PowerArchiver 2019 users. Thank you for your support since 1998!