Dear users, we are pleased to announce PowerArchiver 2015 gold release – version 15.00.38. After 9 months of development, 2 months of Alpha testing and 1 month beta testing, it is ready for your pleasure. .


Here is the list of major changes in PowerArchiver 2015:

Shell extensions – major update with many new features (both 32bit and 64bit).

  • PowerArchiver Mini – PowerArchiver Mini brings PowerArchiver functionality to Windows Explorer Preview window. You can not only preview your archives in any Windows Explorer window, but you can also open individual files and extract archive to desired place, all through Windows Explorer Preview window and without opening PowerArchiver.
  • Windows Explorer Tool tips – Shows tool tip when you hover over archive in Windows Explorer or desktop, with some basic archive info such as number of files, several file names and size.
  • PowerArchiver shell extensions – preview extension added
  • – Added an preview shell extension to PowerArchiver. When clicked on, shows files in archive.

  • Windows Explorer Property sheet – Added archive property sheet to Windows Explorer properties. When clicked on, some of the archive information is being shown.
  • Join files shell extension – New shell extension that lets you combine several archives into one.
  • Extract to filename\ improvements– By default enabled, lets you extract each archive into separate folder – with regular Extract to filename\ still working (all selected archives into folder named after first archive).
  • Improved various format support– much improved format support and detection in shell extensions.


PowerArchiver main application changes – Lots of both larger and smaller improvements.

  • ZIP/ZIPX XZ full support – Full support for ZIP/ZIPX XZ format, both read and write.
  • Improved format support – Improved in support and detection of various different formats in PowerArchiver (including but not limited to ISO, RAR, WIM, etc, etc).
  • New skinning system – new skinning system implementation that lets us skin PowerArchiver much better. 6 default skins included – combination of Windows 8, Office 2013 skins, as well as more playful dark skin and Halloween skin. New skins website will be available with more skins and ability to install them through simple doubleclick (.psf2 extension). Classic toolbar still available, as well as classic toolbar skins, for all of the users that prefer them.
  • Copy and Paste – You can now copy and paste files from and to PowerArchiver main interface.
  • Office 2013 file menu – more advanced file menu from Office 2013 has been implemented.
  • Always on Top – lets you force PowerArchiver window to be always in front of other windows
  • View menu – Created new View ribbon menu, moved some options there for easier usage.
  • Join Tool – Combine several archives into one. Part of Converter tool.
  • Other smaller changes – Too many smaller improvements and fixes to list!

PowerArchiver apps: Encryption Suite, PowerArchiver Backup, PowerArchiver FTP and PowerArchiver Cloud changes – many improvements everywhere.

  • Sign and Verify (Encryption Suite)– Implemented sign and verify features that let you use OpenPGP to sign and verify files (.sgn, .asc, etc).
  • Implemented PAE2 format (Encryption Suite)– Created new encryption format with AES 256 support, as well as many other features. Much faster than PAE. PAE2 can be set to FIPS 140-2 mode where it can be used in all government offices.
  • Clone mode (Backup) – Implemented new Clone mode into PowerArchiver Backup, where users can simply clone their files and folders in their original state, without any format or compression (1:1 copy of files).
  • Support for new AttachmentCloud (Cloud)- support for new AttachmentCloud service, beta coming soon.
  • Implemented FTP+TLS in explicit mode (FTP) – Implemented support for FTP + TLS in explicit mode to expand our TLS support. SSL support completely taken out due to POODLE security issues found in SSL protocol that makes it not secure.
  • Skin engine and interface – Fully implemented new skin engine into all of PowerArchiver apps, as well as new interface that makes it easier to use on variety of Windows systems.
  • Other smaller changes – Too many smaller improvements and fixes to list!

You can download PowerArchiver from our download pages, or update via Patchbeam from inside of PowerArchiver!

To register PowerArchiver, you can login to your account as usual to get latest codes or use your PowerArchiver Select code as long as it is still valid. If your maintenance expired, check your account for regular offers or your emails for special Black Friday 2014 offer!