Dear users,

since so many of you liked our installer polls, we are going to do this « letting you decide » thing more often :-).

So next question is – what part of PowerArchiver Professional needs most improvement? I personally feel that it is FTP – it is very, very basic. Backup is already quite good, and Burner with its Virtual DVD quite justifies its existence. With PA 2010 we made only marginal improvements to these Pro features, with most of the work going into new compression engines (zip/zipx and unrar), and now it is time to expand on those. No need to worry about compression related features though, as we now have dedicated people working on that :).

So let us know what area do you think needs most of the improvement, and do not be easy on us, write us via comments/email/forums on what do you think needs most improvement!

p.s. There is no wrong answer here, you can do multiple choice!

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