PowerArchiver with ZIPX Jpeg support

PowerArchiver with ZIPX JPEG support

As most of you are aware, with PA 2010 we have been using our custom zip engine which gave us some great things such as multicore support, unicode, all these extra zipx formats (lzma, ppmd, wavpack, etc)… but one thing lacking so far was zipx jpeg support. And after 8 months of work, we are ready to show our latest version of zip engine that supports zipx jpeg decompression. It was not a small feat as all we had to work with were specs in pdf file.

Our compression expert Eugene worked on it for 8 months and managed to clean it up just in time for 11.60 release. We are proud of this achievement as it makes PowerArchiver 2010 most feature complete archiver today with what we believe is the best zip engine on the market. Yay! 🙂

Of course, none of it would be possible without great support from our users so big thank you to all of our alpha testers, forum users and of course paying users of PowerArchiver! You can download 11.60 preview release from our download page!

p.s. as you know, we never stop, and team has already moved on… who knows what else we have in store for you in upcoming months, eh? 🙂