Dear users,

Here comes Release Candidate 1 of PowerArchiver 2012. Currently we dont have any outstanding issues so we expect to have final version come out next week.

Here is the list of changes:

Changes from Beta 3 to RC1:

  • Improved GZ support – Improved GZIP support.
  • Improved RAR support – Improved RAR support (deleting files from archive).
  • Improved FTP SSL/TLS support – Improved support for explicit FTP/SSL, when there is no separate data channel for encrypted files.
  • Improved Archive Converter – Now keeps encryption when converted encrypted archives, such as from ZIP to 7-zip.
  • Translation Improvements – German and other translations have been updated.
  • Various fixes and improvements (over 10)! – Based on your feedback, PA Team worked hard to push RC1 out of the door.

PowerArchiver 2012 Changes:

  • File list color coding – Background color of file list columns changed based on file size, compression ratio, file type. Completely configurable. Button on status bar for easy on/off.

  • Enhancements of Modern/Ribbon interface – Active tabs based on file currently clicked on (Preview tab currently).

  • Easy/Advanced Ribbon interface options – new Easy option for interface that removes less used tabs to make it easier for new users to start using PowerArchiver. Button on status bar for easy on/off.

  • RAR Compression support – PowerArchiver will use WinRar to compress to RAR within PowerArchiver interface.

  • RAR Extraction improved – 5% speed improvement on RAR extraction, up to 15% faster than WR 4.x, 30%+ over WR 3.9x.

  • New Explorer mode for reading archives – New mode that shows paths as folders but does not display contents of hard drive, set as default option.

  • Redesigned Shell Interface – easier to use, easier to view.

  • Encrypted Icon – Added encrypted icon to the file list, for easier recognition of encrypted files inside archive.

  • Improved look of various windows – such as progress bar, etc, matching Win8 look more.

  • Wiki Help by default – converted help to Wiki online system, enabling better search, youtube tutorials (over 20+ available), better translations for the future and user interactions. Offline help pack will be available.

  • Single version – Multilingual, improvements – From now on, PowerArchiver will be distributed only as Multilingual software, with over 20+ translations. Due to compression improvements and online help, multilingual version has been reduced in size by almost 50%.

  • Password Policies – Allows you to setup minimum password policy/rule, to force your users to enter passwords with proper length and mix of characters, so they will be harder to crack. Options include: minimum password length, forcing of lower case, upper case, numeric and symbol characters, independently. Click here for Youtube Tutorial

  • Password Profiles – You can setup password profiles and then you can select them from the dropdown during password entry, thus enabling higher productivity. It works both in Encryption and Decryption, for all modes supported. Click here for Youtube Tutorial.

  • File Wipe – Wipes your temporary files by using DoD 5220.22-M suggested methods for clearing and sanitizing information on a writable media. You can select between 1, 3 and 7 passes. Click here for Youtube Tutorial.

You can download PowerArchiver 2012 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) from our download page. If you already have PowerArchiver, you can Patchbeam this update, only around 297kb small! Keep checking Patchbeam as we release unofficial updates all the time.