Hello Everyone!

After long months of wait, we are happy to show your our latest product – Patchbeam update engine! As promised early this year, Patchbeam has been designed to seriously cut down the time it takes to update PowerArchiver, and with minimum interaction with the user.

Here is what our design goals were (and what we ended up with):

  1. Smaller Installations. Our current installer is between 9 and 10 MB. We wanted to decrease update size to under 3 MB if possible. – result: updates as low as 500kb, almost 20x smaller than before!
  2. Less interaction. You already have PowerArchiver installed and running. You do not need to interact with properly done update. Target was to lower number of clicks needed to 4. result: 1 click if you use silent update process in Vista/Windows 7, no clicks in XP!
  3. Overall time for update. While 65 seconds is not bad, why not target 30 seconds or less? Lets do it! result: less than 2 seconds to update!

This was one of the most requested features ever, and we hope we made your life easier. Make sure you go to the Config> Auto update an check those silent update options for best experience. In the other news, PA 2011 is going well and you will be thrilled with all the new features! :). As we said before, we will now maintain current version as long as future release is in beta stage. That means that we will keep developing PA 2010 as long as PA 2011 is in beta stage, so in the future you will be able to get fixes and smaller improvements in shortest time possible!

thank you for reading!

edit: you can download it now.

edit2: you can check live demo of update system here: http://www.powerarchiver.com/blog/2010/11/01/demos-of-new-patchbeam-update-system/