Dear users,

we have just released PowerArchiver 2010 International. It is unified installer for all of our supported translations: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarus, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Hebrew.

We have been contemplating this move for quite a while, as it got to the point of us having to build and upload more than 40 different executables and installers for each release. As you can imagine, testing these often delayed releases and sometimes things slipped through. With unified installer, everything should be simpler for everyone and we should end up with having more time to develop PowerArchiver. One of the reasons we did not do it before was that all of our translations include help, so full installer is 14 MB. Thankfully in 2010, this should not matter as much. Additionally since we will be releasing that new web update soon, your future updates will be fraction of full installer size.

Word of warning – please uninstall previous versions of PowerArchiver before installing International one. Reason is that PowerArchiver International installs separately from older translated versions, and if you install it on the top of previous installation, you will not be able to cleanly uninstall old version later on due to the fact that installer wont be able to find those files anymore. If you already made that mistake, no need to worry – you can download Microsoft’s Windows Installer Clean Up tool from MajorGeeks.

Thank you for reading! You can download PowerArchiver International from here.