Old school style installerDear users,

as some of you might know, we are already working on PowerArchiver 12.00 (aka PA 2011). One of the things we are looking at is improving our setup, together with the brand new update that we are already finishing and that will be ready for 12.00 (shhhh, dont tell anyone, but update will be…awesome).

We have been working on PowerArchiver since 1998, and we think that our opinion of what the setup/installer should or should not look like might not be fashionable anymore.

So we have decided to let YOU decide… as you are ones that will be using and (hopefully) paying for it :-).

What we have here is screenshots of new look, modern, Windows 7 like installer and screenshot of good old Windows Installer, as it has been for decade now. Keep in mind that Microsoft has not made any suggestions to what newer installers should look like as we (developers) would prefer, even Microsoft’s own product use different looking installers, which (to myself) makes little sense. New Installer look

So vote away and let us know which one you preffer. Keep in mind that new look also has penalty of 400kb to the total size of installed package. Personally, i am not sure myself – functionality is completely the same, new one looks fresh while old school is just that, something we have been used to by now. Thanks everyone!

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