PACL Distribution License

PACL Distribution license lets you distribute PACL with your own application, without any limit to the number of distributed licenses. Only limit is that the end-user can not access PACL directly and that PACL is only used by your own application. You can pick from several licenses that differ based on the number of developers using PACL and number of applications that PACL is packaged with. All licenses allow for unlimited deployment of PACL with your application. (Please note: this product has been discontinued September 2014)


PowerArchiver Enterprise Edition
  • Maximum Number of Developers
  • Maximum Number of Applications
  • Maximum Number of Deployments
  • Includes full PACL 7.x license
  • Includes FIPS 140-2 support
  • 12 months maintenance/support included
  • Price


Distribution Silver


Distribution Gold


Distribution Platinum

The best way to contact ConeXware is via e-mail or phone.

Email: ordering @

Phone: 1-888-302-8800

Support and Maintenance – PowerArchiver Select

Every order of PACL comes with 12 months of PACL Select – premium support and maintenance plan. It includes phone/web/email support as well as all major and minor updates to PACL during those 12 months.

Upgrade to 36 months for 25% extra

You can upgrade to 36 months of PACL Select, for only 25% extra on the top of your order. It is our buy 1 year, get another year free special price for PACL Select.