burner_48Hello everyone,

Heads up to all users that use our burner – we have improved burning experience in 11.60 Preview #3 with addition of burning via SPTD layer. It basically lets multiple software use same device without any conflicts (something that ASPI and SPTI methods dont). For some people it should improve their experience, make their burners work better with PowerArchiver and we also observed 20% faster burning speed on our test computers (might different from your experience, all burners are different).

We have tried to make it simple – as SPTD drivers add 2 MB of the installation, and not everyone uses burner (or is Pro user), we incorporated these drivers inside PAVD installation in version 1.03.04 of PAVD (available now). As soon as you install that update, PowerArchiver will automatically use SPTD layer for burning. We have added this automatic selection as option in Config> Misc so you can change it there if you see that you get better results with SPTI (old school), for whatever reason.

Hope you guys and gals like our continuous improvements! 😉