PowerArchiver Plug-in Library

Below you can find plug-ins available for use with PowerArchiver, which uses a Plug-in System that is compatible with Total Commander. Plug-ins add support for new formats to PowerArchiver.

You can install these plug-ins by downloading them and then double-clicking on the plug-in file. PowerArchiver will then automatically install the plug-in.

NOTE: The plug-ins below will only work with PowerArchiver 2007 and above. Please download the latest PowerArchiver 2009 release from the download area.

Plug-in Name: MSI Plus

Date: 02/27/2007

User Rating: 4.47 (769 votes)

MSI Plus Screenshot

Plug-in Author: Petr Bubela

Description: Open and extract files from MSI installations. With this plug-in, you can: Export/Import tables and streams from/to MSI files; Display dialogs stored in MSI using MSI API function; List and extract files present in File table in a structure defined by MSI package. You can now see files listed using their real/installed file names.

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Minimum Version: PowerArchiver 10.0
Downloads: 35779

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Plug-in Name: CHMDir 0.40c

Date: 02/27/2007

User Rating: 4.34 (373 votes)

CHMDir 0.40c Screenshot

Plug-in Author: Oleg Bondar

Description: CHMDir lets you open and extract files from .CHM help files.

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Minimum Version: PowerArchiver 10.0
Downloads: 24874

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Plug-in Name: SGViewer 1.9.1

Date: 11/12/2008

User Rating: 4.42 (494 votes)

SGViewer 1.9.1 Screenshot

Plug-in Author: ProgMan13

Description: Excellent graphics viewer plugin for PowerArchiver 2009 and up. It supports: BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF (not all compression methods supported), PSD, TGA, PCX, PCD, PSP, EMF, WMF. Other memorable features include anti-alisating,viewing gif animations, great interface, slideshow and more. Reccomended by PowerArchiver Team.

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Minimum Version: PowerArchiver 11.0
Downloads: 19791

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